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  1. Personal tax rates reduced – The 15% to the 33% tax brackets have been reduced and the bracket ranges expanded.

  2. Business tax rates reduced from 35% to 21%

  3. Personal exemptions are eliminated ($4,050 deduction per dependent)

  4. Itemized deductions reduced – No more miscellaneous deductions (includes unreimbursed business expenses and investment fees).  The deduction for taxes (real estate & state taxes paid) is limited to $10,000.

  5. Alternative minimum tax reduced – the AMT is eliminated for corporations and individuals get a larger credit.

  6. Child tax credit for children under age 17 increased from $1,000 to 2,000.  The phase out limit is also increased.

  7. Repeals Obamacare fines for not having health coverage.


  • We want to thank all of our clients who participated in our "PAY IT FORWARD CHALLENGE"


        We were able to deliver a ton of items tincluding diapers, wipes, food, baby wash, etc to BIRTHRIGHT OF BEL AIR.

We cannot estimate the value of your donations/charity. To get a good idea of the value of the items you donated we recommend using THIS goodwill calculator.