Tax Preparation
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At David C. Bryant, CPA, we want you to be prepared for ANYTHING. Due to the complicated tax law we want you to be aware of everything you are looking at when it comes to taxes. We will prepare your tax return and also assist you to prepare for the upcoming tax year.

When helping you prepare your tax return we will thoroughly investigate any possible neglected deductions. We will also review the data in order to prevent any potential audit “flags”. These flags may include unnecessary deductions, unnecessary high wages based on sales, and higher expenses than needed, just to name a few!

Let us help you be prepared for tax season!

When preparing taxes during tax season we accept several arrangement methods.

  1. We make face to face appointments. This is to allow the client to be familiar with the person completing their financial assessment and to have a question and answer type meeting.
  2. We also accept drop off taxes. This is when the client brings their information in at a convenient time for them, we look over the information to see if anything is missing, and we complete the taxes. We may contact the client if we have any questions or concerns to go with them before actually completing the taxes. We then ask that you come in (normally a week later) and spend a few minutes with us to review what we have done.

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax"-Albert Einstein


Turbo Tax can lead to mistakes that could cause an IRS audit

Yes, turbo tax will most likely be less expensive but you donít have a qualified individual looking out for all possible deductions.

At David C. Bryant, CPA we complete your taxes with the utmost efficiency. With TurboTax, tax questions and research may be of need.

We are use to dealing with the IRS if there is a problem! With TurboTax you have to fend for yourself.

"There are always questions inside TurboTax that you respond to with just a tinge of doubt, and just a few of those can mount into a larger sense of uncertainty"