Timely and efficient bookkeeping services are available for businesses of all sizes. We provide QuickBooks set-up and update, information review, data entry, and bank and credit card reconciliation. These services are available on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Using us for bookkeeping services on a monthly or quarterly basis can save you money when we complete your taxes!


We also are available to create and/or update your amortization schedules, and fixed asset schedule. This will also be useful in completing your income taxes. David C. Bryant, CPA will prepare a profit & loss and/or balance sheet statement as needed.

Do you practice excellent record keeping?

According to the IRS, most of the highest risk audit areas include many aspects of good record keeping! These areas include high wages, high tax deductions, unreported income, self employment, home office expense, auto expense record logs, etc. It is important for everyone to keep records to maintain low risk for these intense audits!

Not to mention, funds to enforce tax law and compliance have been increased. This means that audits will be on the rise for individuals and businesses that are not compliant and cannot provide supporting documentation for all of their transactions. Efficient bookkeeping could lower your risk for these audits! Call us to find out more.

Keeping accurate records will not only allow you to support your tax returns to the IRS but also monitor the progress of your business, keep track of your deductions, prepare your financial statements, and also identify the sources of your income.

Don't let your "books"
get you in trouble
with the IRS

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