Current Year Tax Information


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Everyone will be given an “Individual Interview” sheet. It is very important to fill this out and sign it. This should be included with your 2021 tax return documents. There are also multiple ways to provide us your tax documents:

  • Online Portal: Ability to upload documents right to us!

  • Drop-off: Ability to drop-off (and pickup) at our Bel Air location OR our satellite location in the Aberdeen area, once obtained.

  • Mail: Mailing your documents is also a welcome way to get us information. We can mail the return and originals back to you as well!

  • Phone Call/15 Minute Appointment: If you feel you need to meet with someone regarding your tax return, we have shortened our in-office appointments to 15 minutes. We would prefer using the telephone, if possible. This will allow us to keep our staff safe and healthy and continue to work diligently through all of tax season without interruption or having to shut the office down!
Once we receive your documents, your taxes will be processed in a timely manner. We will reach out to you via phone or email with any questions and you will receive a final phone call with the outcome. During the phone call, we can discuss how you would like to finalize the tax return.
New Forms Needed for 2021 Tax Returns:
  • Advance Child Tax Credit Payments Letter 6419 (must provide if these payments were received)
  • 3rd Economic Impact Payment Letter 6475 and/or a Plus-up Payment (must provide documentation if either of these payments were received)

If you have not received these letters, please go to to set up an online account to view your payments.

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